18% of This Year's Black Friday Deals Are Reruns from Last Year . . . and More Expensive

Prices going up? What a Shocker! ~Dennis

November 20, 2019

Just because a store is advertising a Black Friday deal doesn't make it a great deal.

According to a new study of this year's Black Friday ads, there are a lot of reruns from last year's Black Friday ads . . . and some of them are back at higher prices.

The study found that 18% of the deals that major chains are advertising this year are the same products they advertised last year.

The five chains with the most recycled products are: Harbor Freight . . . Office Depot and OfficeMax . . . Ace Hardware . . . Sears . . . and JCPenney.

The five with the fewest are: Costco . . . Fred Meyer . . . Dell . . . Lenovo . . . and Best Buy

As for the price differences, here are a few examples. The repeats at True Value are listed for an average of 8.5% more than they were in 2018. The ones at Office Depot are 7.3% higher. At Staples, they're 6% higher.

On the other side of things, Costco's repeats are 14.4% cheaper than last year. Best Buy's are 8.7% cheaper, and Dell's are 5.6% less.