30% of People Who Cook Hate Their Own Cooking . . . Plus, the Top Cooking Mistakes We Make

In case you're in charge of cooking this Holiday season! ~Dennis

October 17, 2019

A new survey found 30% of people who cook HATE their own cooking and feel embarrassed by it. And the person who's most likely to openly criticize your cooking is . . . your MOM. Followed by your friends, and your significant other.

64% of people in the survey said they've had a cooking "disaster" before. And here are the ten most common mistakes we make . . .

1. Burning food. 67% have burnt something to a crisp.

2. Burning a pan, 54%.

3. Letting a pot boil over, 52%.

4. Setting off a smoke detector, 48%.

5. Using too much salt, 44%.

6. Leaving the oven on, or a burner on, 40%.

7. Forgetting a crucial ingredient, 38%.

8. Forgetting something in the oven, 35%.

9. Making things way too spicy, 34%.

10. Leaving food out where a pet can get to it, 23%. The survey also found the hardest thing about cooking a meal is getting all the dishes ready at the same time.