Are You a Workaholic? . . . Here Are the Top 10 Signs You Really Are

February 4, 2019

Almost half of Americans now consider themselves to be workaholics, according to a new survey.

2,000 people were polled, and 48% said they're workaholics. Here are the top 10 signs you really are one, according to the survey . . .

1. You prioritize your work over your personal life. 54% of workaholics said they do.

2. You worry about work during your days off, 51%.

3. You struggle to completely stop working on vacation, 50%.

4. You check your work email at night, 48%.

5. You're often the first person to get to work, and the last to leave, 46%.

6. You feel like you CAN'T take vacation, because you're too busy, 46%.

7. You usually work through lunch, 45%.

8. You feel anxious if you don't check in or know what's happening at work, 45%.

9. Your friends or family say you work too much, 44%.

10. You check your work email first thing in the morning, 39%.

I'm on break right now so I'm good! ~Dennis