Foods that people are most excited about trying for the first time they visit America!

Lots of Fair Food on the list!

September 8, 2017
Foods American Visitors want to try the most!

It's amazing how we take our American foods for granted.  I only wish I could experience them all again for the first time like these lucky people.

There's a conversation on Reddit right now where people from other countries are sharing the foods they're most excited to try for the first time when they visit America.  Here are some foods that, amazingly, lots of people overseas have never had . . .


1.  Corndogs.

2.  S'mores.

3.  Authentic barbeque.

4.  Beef jerky.

5.  Chocolate chip cookies.

6.  Macaroni and cheese.

7.  Root beer.

8.  Tater tots.

9.  Biscuits and gravy.

10.  Deep fried everything at a state fair.