Four Weird Things That Can Make Someone Fall for You

Every Little Bit Helps! ~Dennis

August 1, 2019

If you want to up your chances in the dating scene, here are four weird science-backed things you can do to make someone fall for you . . .

1. Get coffee together. A first date at Starbucks might not be a bad idea. A study at Yale found that when people hold a warm drink, they're more likely to say the person they're talking to has a warm personality.

2. Get a dog. A study at the University of Michigan found women are more likely to want a long-term relationship if a guy has a dog. It might show they can handle commitment. Or dog owners just come across as happier and more relaxed.

3. Learn an instrument. It might not even matter if you're any good. A study in France found women were more likely to give a guy their number if he was just HOLDING a guitar case. He didn't even have to play the guitar.

4. Care about the environment. A 2016 study found people who buy eco-friendly products are seen as better candidates for long-term relationships. People who make LUXURY purchases are seen as more attractive, but only for short-term relationships.