If You Could Eat Like a Kid for a Full Day, What Would You Eat?

This list looks about right to me! ~Dennis

October 22, 2019

Remember when you were young, and that extra cupcake DIDN'T go straight to your thighs or gut? 2,000 people were asked what they'd eat if they could "eat like a kid" for a whole day with no consequences.

And here's what the average American's full day of kid meals would look like: We'd start out with yogurt for breakfast . . . followed by pizza for lunch . . . ice cream as a mid-day snack . . . pizza AGAIN for dinner . . . then apple pie for dessert.

Yes, the average person would have pizza TWICE.

The breakfast foods with the most votes were yogurt . . . bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwiches . . . and ice cream.

For lunch, the top choices were pizza . . . fried chicken . . . and burgers.

And for dinner, the foods with the most votes were pizza . . . fried chicken . . . and spaghetti and meatballs.

Ice cream, chips, and fries are our top snacks. And our top desserts are apple pie, milkshakes, and chocolate chip cookies.