A New Study Figured Out How to Predict When Someone's About to Quit Their Job

Hey if you're leaving can I have your office chair? :)

April 24, 2019

It would be good to know in advance when your coworkers are planning to quit. You know, so you can swoop in early and claim their stuff or that sweet cubicle!

A new study analyzed 34 MILLION employees and figured out a way to make solid predictions on whether someone's going to quit in the next nine months. Here are the five signs to look for . . .

1. A big drop in engagement. That means the person doesn't seem like they care about their work or the company anymore.

2. Their work isn't challenging them anymore.

3. They feel like they can't openly talk about pay with their boss or ask for a raise . . . especially when they feel like they're underpaid or deserve a bonus.

4. They don't like their boss.

5. They don't see a path to growing and advancing at the job.