The Tooth Fairy Now Pays an All-Time High of $4.66 Per Tooth

Something to smile about!

February 27, 2017

The Tooth Fairy must be doing something important with all those teeth.  From a business standpoint, I don't see how she's making a profit anymore . . .


According to an annual poll that just came out, the Tooth Fairy paid an average of $4.66 per tooth last year, which is an all-time high.


That's up 19% from 2015, when it was $3.91 per tooth.  And the price for a FIRST tooth hit $5.72.


If you do the math, that means she paid out just over $290 MILLION for teeth last year.


Kids in the western part of the U.S. got the biggest payouts last year at $5.96 per tooth.  Kids in the Northeast got $5.08 . . . kids in the South got $4.57 . . . and kids in the Midwest averaged $4.04 per tooth.


48% of parents said they make their kids save their Tooth Fairy money . . . another 48% let them spend it . . . and 3% said it gets donated to charity.



(Delta Dental)