The Top Five things you can do to get that Promotion!

How to get a promotion.

July 25, 2016
Tips on getting a promotion at work

FULL STORY:  Someone polled over 2,000 executives at different companies, and asked for the top five things that make you more likely to get a promotion.  And working long hours is NOT number one.  Here's what they said . . .

1.  Being motivated to learn new skills.  30% said it's the most important thing you need to have to get promoted.

2.  Strong interpersonal skills, 27%.  So almost as many think THAT is the most important thing.

3.  Being able to adapt to change easily, 24%.

4.  Being okay with taking on more responsibility, 13%.

5.  Being willing to work long hours.  Only 7% said it's the most important thing if you want to get promoted.



(PR Newswire)