When Do You Do Your Christmas Shopping?

December 10, 2018

When will you do the bulk of your Christmas shopping? Or have you already done it?

A recent survey found the most popular answer is late November or early December. 34% of people said that's when they do most of their Christmas shopping.

19% said they do their shopping two or three weeks before Christmas, which is right about now. We're just over two weeks away.

Another 19% said they shop throughout the year until mid-November . . . 8% said they do the bulk of their shopping the week before Christmas . . . and 4% did it during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

1% of us wait until the very last minute, and do all our shopping on Christmas Eve. And another 1% are all about bargains . . . and wait until AFTER Christmas to buy all their presents.

The poll also found the most purchased Christmas gifts last year were clothes . . . food . . . health and beauty products . . . toys and games . . . and books.