Your Dog Understands you when you Talk!

Fido is listening!

August 31, 2016
Your dog listens better than you think!

Do you ever feel like a FOOL when you're talking to your dog?  Because you feel like there's zero chance they understand you?  Relax.  It turns out they actually DO. I alway suspected this but now there is at least SOME proof! ~Dennis



A new study out of Hungary took brain scans of dogs when their owners talked to them, and it found they recognize whether the words you say are praising them, disciplining them, or neutral.

The tone of voice you use makes a difference, of course . . . but they also pick up on body language clues, and learn words over time.  So even if you say "You're a bad dog" in a sweet voice, they know it's NOT praise. 



(New York Times)