Emojis at Work. Yes or No?

What does your Boss think of Emojis?

July 8, 2016

It's become second nature for a lot of us to drop a bunch of emojis in every other text or Instagram post.  But do you let that instinct bleed over into the emails you send at WORK?

A new survey asked employees and their bosses how they feel about emojis at work, and 39% of bosses say they're totally unprofessional.

But 40% say they're okay in some situations . . . and 21% are totally fine with them.

Meanwhile, 33% of employees say they never use them . . . 48% only use them occasionally . . . and 19% use them constantly.

So should you use them?  It depends on whether you're willing to take the two-in-five gamble that your boss hates them and will never promote you if you use them. 

Good luck! ~Dennis