Happy New Year....now.... Back to Reality!

January 2, 2019

This is it. The day after New Year's Day. The day many of us return to work .....and reality ....after burning the last of the vacation days. Many of us have not seen the early hours of the day for over a week but setting that alarm last night was quite the wake up call ;) that the vacation party was over. But it's also a great time for a fresh start, a new outlook on things. Here is my January 1st Facebook post I share each year. 

"Welcome 2019! And as I wish each January 1st, here’s hoping this is a satisfying, stress free, productive, weight losing, calm, financially prosperous, organized, healthy, employment gratifying, restful, family filled, happy and enjoyable year for us all! -- Happy New Year! --"

Sure, it's early in the new year, but it's a great time to be optimistic! lol 

Karen Perrin of the 104.5 The River Ron and Karen Morning Show