High School Suspends Half Of Their Students At Once! (Freak Files)

March 31, 2017

High School Suspends Half Of Their Students At Once!

At the beginning of the school year, Harrisburg High School in Pennsylvania warned students that if they miss too much school from skipping classes, they would be suspended.

And they mean business – because this week, they suspended half of their students for missing too much class time! 500 kids were suspended – leaving the hallways and classrooms practically empty.

The suspensions have some parents up in arms, saying that their child shouldn’t be expelled, but the school is telling them that unless they can provide documentation to explain the unexcused absences, the suspensions will remain.


How Do You Pronounce Kreme?

Those darn Brits just messed up a worldwide phenomenon!

Krispy Kreme is changing their name in England after being in the country for the last 14 years because British people are having trouble pronouncing it and tagging it on social media.

Instead of Kreme --pronounced "creem"-- they are saying creme as in the French pronunciation like "crem." To avoid confusion, in England now, Krispy Kreme will now be Krispy Cream.

So shall it be.


A Woman Pulls a Gun at 7-Eleven When They Won't Let Her Pay With a Bunch of Pennies

Pennies are basically useless at this point and NO ONE wants them . . . but they're still legal tender. 

So I guess this woman was technically in the right to get upset, although she REALLY didn't handle her anger well.  20-year-old Adekemi Ayeni went into a 7-Eleven in Melbourne, Florida around 1:30 A.M. on Wednesday and tried to buy some stuff with a bunch of DIRTY PENNIES.

The clerk said he couldn't take that many pennies.  That made Adekemi so upset that she started trashing the place.  Then she pulled a GUN on the clerk.  Fortunately she didn't shoot, she just ran outside and drove off.

She was arrested later that afternoon when she pulled that same gun on someone ELSE during an argument.  And once the cops had her, they realized she was also the suspect from the 7-Eleven.

Stupid Criminals!  She's facing a felony charge of aggravated assault with a firearm.