Just One More Summer Trip?

August 1, 2017

Gonna squeeze in one more trip before summer vacation comes to a close?  We have some tips on how to eat healthy on long trips from CNN:

--Pack a snack bag. Fill it with protein- and fiber-rich snacks. Nuts, seeds, whole grain crackers and dried fruit are good picks. Pre-portion the snacks so you’re not eating directly out of the bag.

--Pack a cooler: Fresh fruit, berries, containers with cheese cubes, low fat yogurt, milk boxes, hummus and cut up veggies can all stay cool.

--Pack your own water bottles, so you’re not tempted by less healthy options at a convenience store. For long drives, you can freeze bottles of water to use as ice in a cooler, and when they defrost, you can drink them.

--Research menus. "Check out fast food menus online before your trip and use their calorie counts to plan your meals ahead of time.

-- Stick to basics: Lean protein foods like grilled chicken or turkey or a small burger and vegetables are usually a safe bet. Keep the starch serving small, like a standard bun or six-inch wheat bread.

--Make side-dish substitutions: A side salad, vegetable or fruit instead of less healthy fries or onion rings.

--Ask for dressings on the side.