Karen Perrin Back From Fall Break

October 15, 2018

Hi! It’s Karen Perrin, back from my Fall Break vacation….. or perhaps I should (like so many) call it an adventure!

We headed down to 30A in Florida anticipating a week in Seaside….again that was our plan. As we drove, the tropical storm we hoped would dissipate, turned into Hurricane Michael. Two hours away from our destination, our friends already at their rental on Seagrove beach called to tell us they were leaving the next day. We went ahead and drove on to the beach, because even with the concern of bad weather, it was a gorgeous sunny day. We enjoyed a few hours on the beach (complete with red tide! that was some crazy coughy stuff) before we learned WE were under a mandatory evocation order and would have to leave the next day. “So now what?” that’s what all the vacationers were asking themselves. Some headed home and others, like us, decided to head west to Gulf Shores. Where Monday night we had been part of the crowded, bustling, bike rider saturated Seaside, when we left Tuesday the area was a ghost town. We managed to get a condo in Gulf Shores and we hit the road. Once there, we dealt with strong wind for a few days but little, if no, rain. We ended up getting really nice weather but sadly watched the devastation revealed just hours away in Panama City and Mexico Beach. If you were curious, the area of Seagrove and Seaside that we had to evacuate was spared damage though there was no power there thru Friday from what I read. So, overall we got lucky on the weather and happened to make some new friends too. There ended being about 50 of us from the Memphis area who stayed in the same place in Gulf Shores….some longtime friends and now some new…which made for a great vacation.

(pictured above, sunset the first and only night we had in Seagrove/Seaside)