7 Welsh Priests Walk Into A Bar

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August 2, 2017

7 Welsh Priests Walk Into A Bar…

It sounds like the beginning of a joke...7 Roman Catholic priests walk into a bar...but this story doesn't end with a punch line.

7 priests entered a pub in Cardiff, Wales and were refused service because the bartender mistook them for a rowdy bachelor-party wearing priest costumes.  As they were being escorted out of the bar, they asked to speak to a manager, who finally realized that the clergyman were the real deal.

As an apology, the priests were even given a round of beer on the house to smooth over the misunderstanding.

The pub’s manager said that the priests were great sports about the misunderstanding and managed to see the funny side of the situation.


A Good Deed For the Day

Apparently there's something to be said for overcompensation with powerful motorboats.

KOYNE WATSON and TASHA HUNT were having a nice leisurely day boating off the coast of British Columbia when they saw raging flames in the grass on the coast.  

Using the boats high-powered jets, they shot water out the back of the boat's motors, hoping to "snuff" out the fire. They didn't think it would work, considering the height of the flames, but it did.

Tasha said, "He just spun the boat around and took a shot at it. So he went again and again and it was crazy --people were cheering so we knew we were doing some kind of good on the flames." Click here to see the video.


A Bride Pulls a Gun on Her Groom . . . Which She Was Packing Under Her Wedding Dress

This has some local flavor, although not the type you might be proud of. 

25-year-old Kate Prichard from Murfreesboro, Tennessee got married this weekend to 30-year-old James Burton.  After the wedding, Kate and James retreated to their motel room, where they got into an argument.

It got so heated that Kate pulled out her nine-millimeter pistol, which she was packing UNDER her wedding dress.  She even fired a warning shot into the air!  She was arrested for aggravated domestic assault. Click here to see her mugshot and a picture of the couple in happier times.