8-Year-Old Learns To Drive On YouTube (Freak Files)

April 13, 2017

An 8-Year-Old Drives His Sister to McDonald's

Whenever I need to quickly figure out how to do something, I go to YouTube and find instructional videos.  Turns out that's not ALWAYS a good thing . . .

An eight-year-old kid in East Palestine, Ohio wanted to get some McDonald's on Sunday night after his parents went to sleep.  His master plan was, take their van and drive there.

Since he needed to learn how to drive, he went to YouTube, watched some videos, and gave it a shot.  So he and his four-year-old sister hopped in the car, and headed straight to McDonald's to get some cheeseburgers.

Believe it or not, YouTube educated the kid REALLY well.  According to witnesses, he followed all the driving laws, stopped for lights, made perfect left and right turns, and stayed under the speed limit. 

But they called the cops on him anyway, and when the officers got there, the kid and his sister were in the McDonald's drive-thru lane about a half mile from their house, ordering food, which he paid for out of his piggy bank.

No charges are going to be filed, and the kids DID get to eat their food. 


The Last Straw!

A Russian woman changed her name to win a contest, causing her husband to seek revenge.

The unidentified hubby filmed himself filling his wife's car with cement and posted the clip to YouTube.  He complained that his wife changed her last name to VENIY, the name of a Russian supermarket.

The grocery chain is currently offering $12-hundred dollars per month to Russian citizens who voluntarily make the name change. The man says he and his wife were already having marital problems and the name change was the last straw.

His video of the cement pouring stunt has over two million views.


Workers Find Abandoned Snake In Hotel Room Drawer

Sometimes people accidentally leave things behind in hotel rooms, like their sunglasses or jewelry -- but usually they don't forget their pet snakes.

The maid staff at the Marriott Residence Inn in Worcester, Massachusetts found a 5-foot python in a drawer inside a room they were cleaning.

They immediately called the police, who were unable to locate the owner of the snake.  For now, the snake is being cared-for by a reptile rescue group, who says the snake is very young because it is “only” 5-feet long. 

Adult pythons can grow up to 18-feet long and are illegal to keep without a permit in Massachusetts.  So, it is possible that they will never find the owner.