Adele Stops A Concert To Yell At Security

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March 21, 2017

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Adele Scolded Security for Telling Fans to Sit Down at Her Concert 

ADELE scolded the security at her show in Melbourne, Australia over the weekend, because they kept asking fans to SIT DOWN.

She stopped between songs, and said, quote, "Excuse me, sir, I know you work here, but can you please stop telling people to sit down?  This is a music show, if people can't see, then they can stand up.”

She went on to say, quote, “ And if you're moaning about people dancing, then what did you come to a show for?  If I see one more person being told to sit down, then I swear to God . . ."

Apparently, that did the trick, because the show continued without any other interruptions. 


Tom Brady's Missing Super Bowl Jersey Has Been Found . . . in Mexico 

TOM BRADY's missing Super Bowl jersey was just found in Mexico. 

A credentialed Mexican journalist named Martin Ortega reportedly took it, along with other memorabilia, including Brady's jersey from the 2015 Super Bowl.

The authorities found footage from Fox, which showed Ortega enter the locker room, and reach into Brady's bag.  He put the jersey into a black plastic bag and left. 

It's unclear if Ortega has been arrested or what's going on with him.  The Houston Police claim the jersey is worth $500,000, so the theft was being considered a first degree felony.


George Clooney Visits Elderly Fan On Birthday

George Clooney surprised an 87-tear-old British fan with by visiting her nursing home and bringing her a bouquet of flowers for her birthday.

Clooney turned up unannounced at the nursing home thanks to a letter that the staff of the nursing home had sent -- telling him how much their patient, Pat Adams, loves him and wishes she could meet him one day.

The people at the nursing home were stunned when Clooney showed up at the door and asked for Pat.

They spent about an hour together before Clooney said goodbye.