Amber Heard Is Donating All Of Her Divorce Money

August 19, 2016

Amber Heard Is Donating All $7 Million That She Got from Johnny Depp 

When AMBER HEARD and JOHNNY DEPP reached their $7 million divorce settlement earlier this week, Amber's people said she'd donate a portion of it to charity. 

Well, as it turns out, she's giving up every penny.  The $7 million will be divided equally between the ACLU's efforts to stop violence against women, and the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, where she has worked as a volunteer for the past 10 years. 

Amber is also forfeiting her rights to all residuals that Johnny earned during their 15-month marriage.


Jan Brady Sells The House She Bought When She Was 11

Back in 1969, when actress Eve Plumb was raking-in the dough playing Jan Brady on “The Brady Bunch,” she was also making a few investments.

When she was 11-years-old, she spent $55,300 on a bungalow-style home in Los Angeles…and she has held-onto that property for 49 years…until now because she just sold the house for $3.9-million!!!

Part of the reason the home is so valuable is that it was designed by Dan Meis – who also designed the Staples Center, Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, and Philadelphia's Lincoln Financial Field.


Ryan Lochte Wasn't Entirely Truthful, But Was He Still Robbed? 

Brazilian police say RYAN LOCHTE and his fellow swimmers did lie about being robbed at gun point. 

Supposedly, they just drunkenly vandalized a gas station and had to pay for the damages.  But a security guard may have demanded money while holding a gun, and Lochte still says he was robbed.