Animal Lover Lives With 5 Black Bears!

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December 19, 2016

Animal Lover Lives With 5 Black Bears And Takes Them For Hikes In The Mountains

Talk about someone who is really brave – or really stupid.

Former biologist Joel Rosenthal lives with several black bears at a farm in Hillsboro, West Virginia.

Joel is 74 and has been rescuing wild bears for the past 7 years.  He raises them inside his house and protects them during hunting season.

He says he's developed such a close relationship with the bears that he can take them for regular hikes, hand-feed them and sleep with the bears in their crates.

Joel Says nothing in this world can top going for an hour-long hike with a bear by your side.


Police Break Window To Save 'Frozen Woman' In A Car

Someone in Hudson, New York called 911 on Friday to report a woman "frozen to death" in the front seat of a car.

3 police officers and 2 ambulances rushed to the scene where they found the woman motionless in a snow-covered Subaru.

Police were so concerned for her safety that they broke a window in the car to save her --- only to discover that the woman was actually a mannequin used for CPR training.  The owner of the car works for a company that makes medical training aides, and says he always transports the dummy that way.

No charges were filed, but the owner of the mannequin is a bit ticked over his broken window.  Plice warned citizens: "If you park your locked vehicle on the street on a sub-zero night with a life-size realistic mannequin seated in it...we will break your window."


One of The Nice Guys!

JOHN LUNCEFORD isn't your average, every day, cranky bus driver.

John is an Army vet and was horrified when he picked up a crying child who didn't have a scarf or mittens while waiting in the frigid weather of Kennewick, Washington. John immediately gave the student his own gloves and calmed him down, then drove straight to the dollar store after dropping the kids off at school.

He purchased ten pairs of gloves, ten stocking hats, found the cold young one in the library, suited him up and told everyone he'd provide winter gear if needed.  The story went viral and a donation page for children in need has been set up on Facebook.