Another Celebrity’s House Gets Broken Into

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March 30, 2017

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Another Day, Another Celebrity’s House Gets Broken Into

TV star, EMMY ROSSUM of “Shameless” is the latest celebrity to fall victim of a home break-in. 

Burglars broke in to her home near Beverly Hills, and got away with $150-thousand dollars in jewelry and other items which were taken from a safe inside the home.

Police say the burglars had to hunt for the combination to the safe, and that they may have found out when she was away from home by following her Instagram account!


Michael Strahan Is Annoying The Folks At “Good Morning America”

Michael Strahan is reportedly driving his “Good Morning America” coworker’s nuts.

Page Six reports that the anchors on the TV morning show are sick of ABC bosses giving Michael special treatment, with a source saying, “They roll out the carpet for Michael -- while seasoned talent is treated like dirt.

He’s been given a lot of opportunity and flexibility, when the others (who have been working there longer) don’t get that kind of treatment.

Meanwhile, an ABC News executive says that there is no tension on the show and that the cast gets along great.


The Academy Is Keeping the Accounting Firm That Botched the Oscars - But There Will Be Changes 

The Academy IS keeping the accounting firm that botched this year's Oscars. 

But new accountants will replace the old ones, and there will be a third agent on-hand to make sure any mistakes are caught immediately.

So, for the first time in decades more than two people will know the results in advance, but the Academy is still willing to let them all be from the firm, without any of their own people being in-the-know.

The agents will have to participate in all rehearsals, and they will NOT be able to have their phones with them, so no more Tweeting and selfies with celebrities.