Another Celebrity Home Invasion

October 17, 2016

Plus more with Mike and Mandy's "Dirt Alert!"


An Intruder Stabbed Miranda Kerr's Security Guard in the Face 

There was a brutal fight at Super Model, MIRANDA KERR's Malibu home on Friday. 

A homeless man hopped a fence and tried to get in, and got into a bloody altercation with one of her security guards.  He attacked the guard with a knife, and stabbed him in the face and arm. 

The guard responded by shooting the intruder four times, twice in the chest and twice in the shoulder area.  The police were called and both men were airlifted to the hospital.  They’re both expected to survive, but they’re both said to e in pretty bad shape. 

Miranda was not at the house at the time.


Billy Bush Negotiating Major Payout To Leave 'The Today Show'

Looks like Billy Bush will get a pretty nice “golden parachute” when he leaves the “Today Show.”

Rumor is that Billy Bush will receive a $10 million settlement for quietly leaving the “Today Show,” and that he has even decided to give all of the money to charities for women.

Buuuut – Billy’s lawyer, Marshall Grossman, denied those reports, saying that negotiations are still ongoing and they have not settled on a $10-million payoff.

Meanwhile, Billy Bush is definitely OFF the “Today Show.”  On Saturday all of his public (and private) Facebook pages were taken down and he has already been removed from billboards for The “Today Show.”


The Kardashian Hex

Do you believe in karma?

You might after hearing the story of DENNIS HOF --the guy that owns Hof's Love Ranch in beautiful Pahrump, Nevada where LAMAR ODOM suffered a life-altering overdose. reports his three-story home outside Reno was charred to bits after a controlled burn went horribly wrong --one year to the day after Lamar nearly died!

Of course, Dennis believes the blame lies squarely at the feet of the KARDASHIAN family and feels the clan has put a hex on him!