Is That Bacon Or A Dog Treat?

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May 31, 2017

Would You Confuse Dog Treats For Bacon?  A New Lawsuit Says Yes

This lawsuit really rests on whether some lawyers can prove Americans are dumb enough to confuse dog treats for bacon. 

Hormel has been selling a type of bacon with the brand name "Black Label" since 1963.  But back in January of this year, Purina created a line of Beggin' Strips for dogs that LOOK like bacon called Black Label, and the packaging looks kind of similar.

So Hormel just SUED Purina for trademark infringement because they're afraid people will confuse dog treats for bacon and vice versa. 

They want the dog treats off shelves AND for Purina to pay them for, quote, "irreparable harm and injury".  Click here to see pictures of the two packages.


50 Smugglers Snuck 5,000 Pounds of Gold Bars Into South Korea in Their Groin Regions

Dozens of people in South Korea are facing charges after they were caught smuggling gold bars in from China last month by hiding them inside their. . . . BOOTIES! 

The price of gold is a lot higher in South Korea than China, so that's why.  51 people were involved, including men AND women.  Guys smuggled about TWO-AND-A-HALF POUNDS per trip.  The women carried a little less than that.

According to police, it went on for about two years, and it's the biggest smuggling operation they've ever uncovered in South Korea.

They seized a total of 5,200 pounds of gold during the bust last month, worth around $100 million.  Obviously all that wasn't smuggled in one trip though.   Click here to see some of the gold they recovered.


Proposal In A Hot Air Balloon Ends With A Sudden Crash

Since she was a child, Christine Peters had dreamed of going on a hot air balloon ride.

Well, her dream finally came true on Saturday, and let’s just says it was memorable.  Christine was riding the hot air balloon with about a dozen other people, including her boyfriend – when he dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him – just before the balloon crashed to the ground.

Firefighters say that a strong downdraft caused the hot air balloon to crash into a field.  Luckily, nobody was injured in the accident.  Oh, and by the way, Christine said yes and is planning a spring wedding next year.