Bad News:  Japan Is Suffering From a Ninja Shortage

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May 10, 2017

Bad News:  Japan Is Suffering From a Ninja Shortage

We have bad news with the Freak Files this morning. 

Did you know there are still real NINJAS?  I mean, these days they mostly just perform shows for tourists in Japan, but still, ninjas are still around. 

Unfortunately, though, there's a problem.  LOTS of tourists want to see those shows, but Japan is suffering from a serious NINJA SHORTAGE.

Apparently it takes a ton of training to become one, in everything from acrobatics to weapons combat, and since the pay isn't that great, there's not a lot of interest. 


A Woman Gets a DUI While Letting Her 8-Year-Old Steer the Car

You've gotta have a designated driver if you drink too much, and one that's OLD enough to drive . . .

37-year-old Carrie Bernard got pulled over in Milwaukee last week after a cop saw her drive onto an on-ramp with a small CHILD in her lap.  It turned out she'd been drinking and was letting her eight-year-old son STEER THE CAR for her.

She failed several sobriety tests, and was arrested for drunk driving.  It turns out this ain’t her first rodeo because this was her third DUI, and while she was on her way to jail, she told the cop she was really going to need a DRINK as soon as she got out.  Stupid Criminals!!!

Her son was handed over to Child Protective Services.  (Click here for screenshot of her during the arrest.)


A Man Divorces His Wife For Sharing Photos of Her Food on Snapchat

You might get annoyed sometimes when people take photos of their food at dinner, but this seems like just a LITTLE bit of an overreaction.

A guy in Amman, Jordan just DIVORCED his wife for sharing food pictures on Snapchat.

They were at a restaurant and after a long wait, they finally got their food.  He was hungry and wanted to dig in, but she told him to wait until she was done taking pictures.

And he got so upset that he DIVORCED her on the spot.  Since Jordan uses Islamic law, what that means is that he said the word "talaq," three times, which means divorce! 

Then he left the restaurant without paying the bill.