Bad news for Game of Thrones Fans

July 19, 2016

The Official Details on the Seventh Season of "Game of Thrones" 

It's still hard to believe that "Game of Thrones" is coming to an end, but apparently, it's a done deal.

HBO announced that Season Seven will only have seven episodes, and it'll premiere sometime next summer.  So as expected, it's going to be the shortest season yet, and we'll have to wait longer to see it.

The producers previously said they envisioned 13 more episodes, so that would leave only six more for an eighth and final season.


Will Taylor Swift File Criminal Charges Over Her Leaked Kanye Call? 

It's MADNESS how blown out of proportion this whole TAYLOR SWIFT vs. KIM and KANYE thing has gotten.  But, here's the latest:

First off, Kayne recorded a song dissing Taylor Swift, among others, but claims Taylor knew about it the whole time.  In fact, they apparently talked about it on the phone together.  Taylor claims she didn’t know the conversation was being recorded, which makes it a crime.  

TMZ says Taylor is thinking about filing a POLICE REPORT against Kim and Kanye for releasing the audio of that phone call.  California law says both parties have to agree to be recorded, or else it's a FELONY. 

In a "GQ" interview last month, Kim said that Taylor knew she was being recorded, and had her legal team threaten them with a lawsuit if they released the video.  But Taylor's people say it's "not true."


Justin Bieber Darts Into The Street While Playing Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go has taken over most smartphones, including Justin Bieber's.

Apparently, Justin is so “into” the game that he sprinted into a busy street next to Central Park in New York City -- in the search of a Pokémon named Gyarados.  Luckily, the Bieb wasn’t hit by any cars.

Meanwhile, while Pokémon hunting, Justin was asked by two fans if he would give him a hug.  Bieber curtly replied, "No," then kept walking.