Bartender Saves a Man's Life - But He Still Leaves a Bad Review (Freak Files)

April 4, 2017

Bartender Saves a Man's Life - But He Still Leaves a Bad Review

This proves that we love to complain and that we’re overly critical. 

A guy recently stayed at an inn in Moulsoe, England called the Carrington Arms.  And while he was drinking at their bar, he had a HEART ATTACK.  The bartender sprang into action, quickly got help, and saved the guy's life.

But when the hotel was looking through its new TripAdvisor reviews afterward, they found out that our heart attack victim still left them a BAD REVIEW.

Why?  Because breakfast wasn't included in the $75-a-night rate, and he said the bar was, quote, "terrible." 


Sneaky Package Thief

A suspect in Oregon stole a package from a woman's porch, but also left something behind.

MAIR BLATT has a phone app connected to a porch camera that lets her know when someone approaches her house.  She was away at lunch last Monday when the app sent her a notification and a photo of someone on her porch.

She saw a woman she thought might be a neighbor writing her a note, so she didn't think anything was wrong. But, when Blatt got home she discovered that person actually stole a package off the porch and left behind a note reading: "Hey! Thank you for the package!"

Blatt says the stolen package contained $17-dollars’ worth of hair oil. Cops are now trying to identify the suspect using the short video clip on Blatt's phone.


A Guy Is Arrested For Throwing His Glass Eye at a Doctor

I'm sure ER doctors see a lot of FREAKY things every day, but this has to be a new one!!

54-year-old, Edward Dorsey from Largo, Florida was arrested on Sunday morning for allegedly hitting his wife.  He was a little tipsy at the time, so the cops took him to the emergency room to get cleared by doctors before they took him to jail.

As an ER doctor and nurse were checking him out, Edward pulled out his GLASS EYE and threw it at them.  As far as we know, no one was hurt by the flying eye, but Edward was hit with a felony charge of battery on an emergency medical care provider.  Stupid Criminals!!!