A Bear Got Stuck Inside A Car

July 18, 2016

A Bear Got Stuck Inside A Teenager’s Car

17-year old Annie Bruecker spent years saving to buy her first car, a 2004 Subaru. 

And when she woke up on Thursday morning, and looked out the window of her Colorado home, she noticed a bear INSIDE her car!!

Somehow the bear managed to open her car door and crawl inside, but the door accidently latched behind it and the bear couldn’t get out.  So it proceeded to wreck the car, ripping apart the seats and clawing at the doors and ceiling.  She freaked out and called the cops.

Police were able to open the back hatch and the bear jumped out of the car and ran away into the forest.

Luckily, nobody was injured.  Annie’s insurance will cover the damage to her car.


Cops Catch a Wanted Man When They See Him Playing "Pokemon Go" Outside the Station

It's good to see that almost two weeks into the craze, "Pokemon Go" is still finding little ways to make the world a safer place.

There's a 24-year-old guy in Milford, Michigan named William Wilcox, and he had a warrant out last week because he skipped a court appearance.

Luckily he was out playing "Pokemon Go" on Thursday, and wandered over to the POLICE STATION.  Apparently he was trying to catch a monster hiding right by their flagpole.  But the cops saw him, recognized him immediately, and went outside to arrest him. 

The best part is his mugshot, where he's making a face that says, "I can't believe THAT'S how I got caught."  (Click here to see it)


This Is Why We Call Them The Freak Files!

A baby boy in India was born with four arms and four legs and locals think he's the reincarnation of a Hindu God.

People are traveling from hundreds of miles away to visit the baby in the district of Jharkhand. The parents haven't chosen a name for the child yet. Doctors say the birth defect is likely the remains of an undeveloped co-joined twin.

But, faithful Hindis believe it's the second coming of the deity known as GANESHA.