A Bear Steals An SUV!

October 26, 2016

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A Bear Steals An SUV!

Danny Archer was shocked when his SUV was stolen and crashed into a tree in Grand Lake, Colorado.

He was shocked because the culprit was a BEAR!  Apparently, the bear broke into vehicle looking for food and got trapped inside. 

As the bear was looking for a way to escape, he knocked the SUV into neutral -- and it rolled across the street, crashing into a giant spruce tree.  The good news is that Wildlife officers were able to safely release the bear from the vehicle and back into the wild.

The bad news is that Danny’s car-insurance won't cover the damage because his policy doesn’t cover things like replacing a gear shifter that was chewed up by a bear! 


Ain’t That A Kick In the Head

Sixteen-year-old Rueben Nsemoh suffered a life-threatening head injury while playing soccer last month when he got kicked in the head. 

He slipped into a coma for three days last month and woke up.  It’s when he woke up that he shocked his family and friends because he was only able to speak SPANISH, even though he'd never spoken it before. 

And not broken Spanish, but fluent Spanish.  He's back to speaking English now though, and thinks he picked up the Spanish from hearing his friends speak it.


A Man Was Busted Doing 129 Miles-Per-Hour to Get Home Before His McDonald's Got Cold

There's a very short window to eat McDonald's, where it's still warm enough to cover up the taste of chemicals and additives.  So I'm not saying what this guy did was SMART, but I get it.

32-year-old Lee Rutherford was busted in Northumberland, England for driving 129 MILES-PER-HOUR on a highway earlier this year. 

When the cops asked him why he was driving so fast, he told them he'd just gotten a burger and fries from McDonald's, and he wanted to get home to eat them while they were still warm.

He was in court this week, and pleaded guilty to dangerous driving.  So he got banned from driving for a year, has to re-take his driving test, and got hit with about $1,400 in fines and court fees.