Bears Like Donuts Too

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May 26, 2017

A Bear Tears the Bumper Off a Car Trying to Get to the Donuts Inside

I totally get this bear, man.

A woman in Steamboat Springs, Colorado woke up on Monday and found that someone had RIPPED the back bumper off her car.  And when she examined it, she saw claw and paw marks and figured out what happened.

She delivers donuts, so her car permanently smells DELICIOUS, and a BEAR desperately tried to fight his way into the car to get at the donuts. 

He failed, but he would've been FURIOUS if he succeeded, because there weren't actually any in there.  Click here to see a picture of the car.


From The Bowels of Human Excess!

Forget about polo, golf or tennis --the true sport of kings is none other than falconry!

It's a little known fact, but the upper echelons in the Middle East love their hunting birds and finally have a vehicle to transport them in style.

Maxim magazine reports there's a new custom SUV called the Bentley Bentayga Falconry that features a cork-wrapped master flight station, refreshment case, individual compartments for a bird tracking unit, binoculars and perches.

Unfortunately, this vehicle ain't for the average pet-loving soccer mom and starts at a cool $230,000.


You’ve Been Scammed

Well, not you but a woman named HANNAH BUEHRLE, of Frederick, Washington, got scammed. 

Hannah was selling her iPhone 6 to a guy named XAVIER on the Letgo app.  She was excited to get the $450 dollar asking price to pay for a Memorial Day weekend trip. 

Xavier told her he only had five $100-dollar bills and asked if she would be able to give him change. No problem!  And the two met in a parking lot to exchange goods.

But, when Hannah tried to deposit the cash in the ATM at her bank, the money wasn’t accepted. When she looked at the money, she realized it said, "For Prop Use Only" on it.

The money was prop money from a movie, made from plain paper and not the specialty linen paper that real money is.   You’ve Been Scammed!!!