Bees Attack A Wal-Mart

August 9, 2016

Three People Are Hospitalized After a Bee Transaction in a Walmart Parking Lot

People do strange things in Walmart parking lots.  This might just be the strangest.

Two guys met at a Walmart in Oklahoma City on Saturday morning, to exchange BEES for CASH.  One of the guys was buying bees and beehives from the other guy, and for some reason, they decided to do it outside a Wal-Mart.

But things got ugly when at least 30,000 bees ESCAPED.  Three people in the parking lot had to go to the HOSPITAL because of the bee stings, and two of them were in serious condition.

Firefighters tried to keep the bees from stinging more people by blasting them with water, until a group of beekeepers could get there to gather up the swarm.  Seriously.

As far as we know, there aren't going to be any criminal charges filed. 


Stupid Criminals!!

How drunk are you that you mistake a cop car for a taxi?!

An officer was getting gas in Toronto when a man, who was obviously VERY drunk, climbed into the back of the cruiser thinking that it was a cab. The cop played along and ran his name and found an outstanding warrant.  Stupid Criminals!!  He was arrested.


From Stupid Criminals To Stupider Criminals!!!

Probably not a good idea to visit your buddy in jail while there's still a warrant out for your arrest.

CLARK NAGEL, of George, Iowa, went to the sheriff's office to visit a pal in the Lyon County Jail. Deputies did a routine security check and found an outstanding warrant on Nagel for failure to appear in court.

On top of that, he drove to the jail with a suspended license and in a car with expired plates.  He was arrested.  Stupid Criminals!!  (And Locked Up for his own good)