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Ben Stiller Secretly Battled Prostate Cancer 

October 5, 2016

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Ben Stiller Secretly Battled Prostate Cancer 

BEN STILLER was 'secretly' diagnosed with prostate cancer two years ago. 

He said he was horrified after he got the diagnosis, and was so scared that he Googled "Men who had prostate cancer" when he got home.  And he felt better after seeing names like John Kerry, Joe Torre, and Robert De Niro.

Then he Googled "Men who DIED of prostate cancer" . . . and in retrospect, he advises you NOT to do that.

He was fortunate that his cancer was caught early, and he says the thing that saved him was his doctor performed a 'PSA test,' even though he didn't have any symptoms yet.  As a result, he is cancer free. 


Kim Kardashian is "Emotionally Damaged" 

A source close to KIM KARDASHIAN says she's "emotionally damaged," and you would have to agree. 

Quote, "This is something that has the potential to screw anyone up for a very long time.  It was incredibly frightening and it's going to take a while to get over it."

Meanwhile, there is apparently NO surveillance footage of the robbery from inside or outside the hotel where she was robbed.  However,  there ARE apparently a few suspects so we’ll have to see where that takes us. 

Meanwhile, E! Online is guesstimating that KANYE WEST could be spending up to $100,000 A DAY on security to make her feel safe.


Lady Gaga Wants Her Super Bowl Halftime Performance To Go Down In History

Lady Gaga wants her super bowl halftime performance to go down in history – and considering that this is Lady Gaga, that means we are in for a wild ride.

Lady Gaga said, “I want every guy’s girlfriend in his arms.  I want every husband and wife kissing, every kid laughing.  In my mind they’re having this really powerful family experience watching the Super Bowl.”

We’ll have to wait until the Super Bowl to see what she means.  The Super Bowl airs on February 5th of next year.