Bill Cosby's Jury Is Deadlocked

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June 16, 2017

The Bill Cosby Jury Is Deadlocked, But the Judge Told Them to Work It Out 

After four days of deliberations, the BILL COSBY jury cried uncle yesterday, and told the judge they were DEADLOCKED on the three sexual assault charges. 

And the judge basically told them to “UH, UH, GET BACK TO WORK.

He read them something that's commonly known as the Allen Charge, or the "Dynamite Charge".  Basically, he told the jurors to re-examine their own views and opinions in order to reach a consensus. 

If they come back to the judge and STILL can't make up their minds, that's a hung jury, and the judge can declare a mistrial.  At that point it would be up to the prosecution to decide whether to try him again with a new jury.


Sly Stallone Already Choosing Sides In the MAYWEATHER/ McGREGOR Fight

SYLVESTER STALLONE is gunning for CONOR McGREGOR to whoop butt on FLOYD MAYWEATHER when they duke it out in Las Vegas this August.

Sly tells TMZ that he "always" chooses the underdog, but admits: "I live my life in fantasy."  Sly has millions of reasons to root for McGregor, considering he's a minority owner in the UFC.

McGregor is an expert in the Mixed Martial Arts. However, sources claim it's in the contract that McGregor will not be able to use any MMA moves, like kicks, during the fight.


The Worm In North Korea

Yesterday, DENNIS RODMAN gave North Korea's sports minister a copy of President DONALD TRUMP's book "The Art of the Deal."

Sources say Rodman wanted to give the book to KIM JONG UN, but has apparently not been able to see him yet. Rodman has said his visit to North Korea was not authorized by Trump.