Black Cats Are Good Luck

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December 9, 2016

Black Cats Are Good Luck

Police in one part of Pennsylvania have decided black cats actually bring good luck.

The Ephrata Police Department was searching for 23-year-old fugitive JONATHAN STEFFY who was wanted on a bench warrant.

They spotted him in a residential area, but he allegedly fled on foot.  Officers went from yard to yard looking for him but came up empty-handed. That's when they spotted a black cat in a backyard just sitting and staring at a shed.

Police opened that shed and found Jonathan hiding inside.

Cops say they're always willing to accept crime-fighting help from the public "whether human or feline.”


An Employee Is Given Cash to Deposit, But He Disappears and Quits by Email

30-year-old Kevin Van Allen has been working at a company in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, and clearly they trusted him, because they gave him a large bag of cash to deposit at the bank on Wednesday.

But the cash never made it to the bank.  Instead, Kevin VANISHED.  And yesterday, he QUIT his job in an email.

The police have put out an arrest warrant for him and they're trying to track him down.  He's facing felony charges for theft and receiving stolen property.

There's no word on how much money he ran off with.  Click here to see the photo.


New World Record:  72,585 Lit Candles on a Birthday Cake

A group in New York broke a world record earlier this year for most lit candles on a birthday cake, and Guinness just posted the video. 

The cake was 80 feet long, and the total number of candles was 72,585.

They had to use blowtorches to get them all lit fast enough.  And they had to keep burning for at least 40 seconds.