Bob Barker Taken To The ER After A Bad Fall

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June 20, 2017

Bob Barker Taken To The ER After A Bad Fall

Former host of “The Price Is Right,” 93-year-old TV legend Bob Barker, had to be rushed to the emergency room recently after suffering a bad fall at his Los Angeles home.

Bob Barker didn’t suffer any cuts or bruises in the fall, but he did hit his head pretty hard so his housekeeper took him to the emergency room so doctors could examine him.  After a few hours, he was given the OK to return home and should be fine.


Carrie Fisher Had Cocaine, Opiates, and Ecstasy in Her When She Died 

Last Friday, the coroner revealed that CARRIE FISHER died of several factors, including "sleep apnea, heart disease, and drug use."  But that no singular cause of death could be determined.

The full toxicology report is a bit more revealing.  It says Carrie had cocaine in her system, along with opiates and alcohol when she went into cardiac arrest on that plane back in December.

There were also "trace amounts" of heroin, along with morphine, codeine, and oxycodone, plus MDMA, a.k.a. 'ecstasy.'  She was also a smoker. 

Carrie's brother Todd said unfortunately none of this was a surprise, quote, "If you want to know what killed her, it's all of it."


Justin Bieber's Music Is "Chlamydia of the Ear", According to Hanson 

JUSTIN BIEBER has had critics put his music down before, but now he's hearing it from HANSON, of all people. 

In a new interview, they compared his music to a "venereal disease," like, quote, "Chlamydia of the ear."


Tony Danza is Doing a Show for Netflix 

TONY DANZA is doing a comedy-drama for Netflix called "The Good Cop", and his character's name will be Tony, just like it was on "Taxi", "Who's the Boss?", "Hudson Street", and "The Tony Danza Show".