Brace Yourself - A Sequel To "It" Is In The Works!

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September 26, 2017

Didja like that movie, "It"?

Enough people liked the movie "It" to make it the highest-grossing horror film of all time --and that was also enough to guarantee a sequel, which New Line and Warner Brothers announced yesterday will be out over Labor Day weekend of 2019.

Variety reports there's already somebody working on a script for the follow-up as well, however, no word on casting yet.


The Patriots Are Sorry for Charging Fans $4.50 for Tap Water

When the Houston Texans lost to the New England Patriots on Sunday, it was pretty hot, with temperatures climbing into the high 80s. So, naturally, fans started buying bottled water like crazy at the concession stands.

But now it’s being revealed that during the 2nd quarter, the stadium actually ran out of bottled water, so they started selling TAP water  --  for the low price of $4.50 each.  Naturally, people did NOT like that, and they complained on social media.  One person even claimed he spent $45 on tap water.

Well, yesterday, the Patriots apologized saying that it shouldn’t have happened and that they are making sure it never happens again.


ABC Is Desperate For A 3rd Judge On 'American Idol'

Producers for the American Idol reboot welcomed Luke Bryan to the judging table over the weekend, but they still need one more, and they’re hoping the 3rd judge will bring some diversity to the judging panel. 

Part of the issue is salary. A large portion of the budget ($25-million) went to Katy Perry and while the network is still having talks with Lionel Richie, his salary requirements (reportedly $10 million) are stalling progress.

Now, producers are going after lesser-known people, like Troy Carter, an industry vet who’s worked with Lady Gaga, John Legend and Meghan Trainor.