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The Brangelina Divorce Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

Plus more with our "Dirt Alert"

December 21, 2016

Going To The Big ‘D’

The BRANGELINA divorce shows no signs of slowing down. reports BRAD PITT agreed to sell their precious home in France --probably because he just can't bear to visit again.  The former lovebirds tied the knot on that property in 2014 and sources say it's become a "house of broken dreams" for Pitt.

Meanwhile, ANGELINA JOLIE wants no trace of her husband on her precious skin and began the painful process of having any Brad-related tattoos removed.


Is Kanye West Worth It?

Would you risk your career for a taste of some dirty gossip?

Turns out a lot of employees at the UCLA Medical Center made a bad, bad choice and attempted to look at KANYE WEST's file when he checked in for a mental breakdown. reports officials are conducting an investigation and several dozen people have been fired or are on the chopping block.


The Women of Top-40!!!

There could be a serious catfight brewing on the Top 40 charts.

Sources tell the National Enquirer that JESSICA SIMPSON really wants to revive her music career, so she reached out to TAYLOR SWIFT for a "helping hand."

Unfortunately, T-Swizzle was simply "too busy," Jessica wasn't pleased and decided to ask for assistance from her worst "frenemy" --KATY PERRY.