A Broke Guy Used a Bank Error to Spend $1.6-Million

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December 12, 2016

Guy Used a Bank Error to Spend $1.6-Million!

What if your bank screwed up and suddenly you had unlimited money in your checking account.  What would you do? 

Report the glitch . . . or go on a crazy shopping spree?  A guy named Luke Moore from Goulburn, Australia went with Option B.

Back in 2010, when Luke was 22, he realized that he could withdraw an unlimited amount from his checking account, even though it was empty.  And he wound up taking out around $1.6 MILLION before he got caught.

He spent the money on several cars, including a Maserati and an Aston Martin.  He took crazy vacations and bought a boat. 

He was sentenced to seven years in prison last year for fraud.  But he appealed because he said there was no fraud, he just took money out and his bank let him.  A court AGREED, so he was released after just five months.

He’s broke now and lives with his mom, but he's going back to school, He’s studying criminal law. 

Guy Suing His Neighbors For Blasting Christmas Music From 7:00 A.M. to Midnight Every Day

Nick Wilder is a very wealthy lawyer on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. 

But he lives across the street from even RICHER people, a hedge fund billionaire named Philip Falcone and his wife Lisa.  Lisa decorated their townhouse with a massive Christmas display this year, which includes a loudspeaker BLASTING Christmas music from 7:00 A.M. to midnight.

Nick says, quote, "I like a Christmas song on Christmas Day.  But I'm tired of hearing 'Jingle Bells' like 700 or 800 times a day."  Nick asked her to cut back on the music.  And since she wouldn't do it, he's SUING her.

He's trying to get an injunction to force her to stop the music.  But so far, he hasn't gotten it, and the music keeps on playing. 


Someone Paid Off $46,000 Worth of Layaway Items at Walmart

For the third year in a row, some guy who goes by the name "Santa B." paid for a TON of other people's layaway items at a Walmart in Pennsylvania last week.

This time it happened in Everett, Pennsylvania, about 100 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.  A woman who apparently works for him walked in last Wednesday, and left a check for over 46 GRAND, which was enough to cover ALL of the stuff on layaway for 194 people.

Last year, he paid off all the accounts at two OTHER locations in Harrisburgh, and dropped about $180,000.