Burglar Busted By DNA Because He Didn't Flush The Toilet

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August 9, 2017

A Burglar Uses the Toilet, Doesn't Flush and the Cops Catch Him Thanks to That DNA

There's something that's SO perfect about this guy getting busted because he's FOUL and RUDE.

The cops in Thousand Oaks, California were investigating a burglary back in October, and as they searched the house, they realized the burglar had used the toilet, but didn't flush.

So they used that as evidence and took them back to the lab for DNA testing.  It wasn't super high priority, apparently, because the DNA from his feces was just processed a few weeks ago, but it matched the profile in the police database of a 42-year-old guy named Andrew Jensen.

So he was arrested last week for first-degree residential burglary.   Stupid Criminals!!! 

Click here to see Andrew’s mugshot)


Watermelons on the Run

What is bad luck for one, is good luck for others. 

ELWOOD HUTT, Jr, was driving a truck full of watermelons Sunday when he took a corner too fast and lost the entire truckload.

Hundreds of dollars’ worth of watermelons spilled onto the street and, moments later, was devoured by some local carriage horses.

Hutt had planned to sell the melons to vendors but got stuck with a citation instead.

Dead Body Falls Out Of Coroner's Van Onto Street

Yesterday police in Olympia, Washington called for a coroner to pick up the body of a person who had died at home. 

Well, as the coroner’s van was headed back to the office with the body it  stopped at a busy intersection.  While waiting for the light to turn green, the van’s door accidentally opened and the body (which was on a gurney) rolled out of the van and straight into traffic – and the driver never noticed, so he continued on his way!

Panicked drivers called police, who re-routed traffic while they called the coroner's office and had them return to the intersection to retrieve the body.

Police say there was no trauma to the body and adds that the family was quickly notified.