Burglar Knocks Himself Out When He Slips on an Old Pumpkin

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February 7, 2017

A Burglar Knocks Himself Out When He Slips on an Old Pumpkin

Forget leaving your Christmas decorations up too long. 

This story is going to inspire you to leave your HALLOWEEN decorations up well into the spring.

27-year-old Anthony Mitchell broke into a house in Omaha, Nebraska last week to steal whatever he can find, but the guy who lives there came home and confronted him.

Anthony tried to run out the front door, but when he got to the porch, he slipped on an OLD PUMPKIN that was still sitting out from Halloween!!!! 

He slammed his head into the ground and needed to be rushed to the hospital.  Once he recovers, he'll be facing burglary charges. 


Moscow Shoplifter Shoved A Whole Raw Chicken Down His Pants

A man in St. Petersburg, Russia was shoplifting at a supermarket when he was caught by surveillance cameras and brought into the store’s back office. 

Once they confronted the man, he admitted to shoplifting and began pulling off of the stolen goods out of his pants -- and he eventually manages to pull out an entire chicken.  Well, once the chicken was free, sausages began falling out of his clothing as well.

All of the food had to be thrown away because of “sanitary issues.”  It is not known if police were called or if charges are being pressed.


A Tennis Umpire Got Drilled in the Eye by a Ball

A 17-year-old junior tennis player from Canada got frustrated at a match in Ottawa on Sunday, and tried to crush a ball into the stands. 

But unfortunately, it ended up hitting the chair umpire directly in the left EYE.  He didn't mean to hit him, and you could tell he felt bad.  But he still got disqualified and has to pay a $7,000 fine. 

The umpire ended up with a black eye, but it looks like he'll be okay.  Click here to see the video