A Bus Driver Saved 20 Kids from a Burning Bus

September 14, 2016

A Bus Driver Saved 20 Kids from a Burning Bus

A school bus in Maryland caught on FIRE on Monday afternoon and there were 20 elementary school kids on board. 

Reneita Smith, the bus driver, immediately started getting the kids off the bus, one-by-one.  Then, even though she thought they were all out, she ran BACK into the burning bus to make sure no one got left behind.  And in the end, no one was hurt.

A firefighter's dash-cam got footage of the fire after they were all safe and the school bus was fully engulfed, with black smoke pouring out the windows. 

Reneita said afterward that she has two kids of her own, and never hesitated.  She felt like it was her JOB to save them.

It's still not clear what caused the fire, but the fire department is investigating. (Click here to see the pics)…and the video is below.


A Guy Pays For His Taco Bell Before Robbing the Place

I guess this is one way to get an instant refund at Taco Bell.

A man in his 30s went into a Taco Bell in Orlando on Monday night.  He ordered some food and paid for it with a $20 bill.  And then . . . he pulled out a gun and demanded money.

The cops didn't say whether the cashier actually gave him anything, so we don't even know if he got his 20 back before he took off.  They also didn't say whether he got his food.

They DID say he only speaks Spanish, which means he should probably know better than to eat at Taco Bell, but whatever.

The cops are trying to track him down. 


Which Towns in Each State Have the Weirdest Names?

It's amazing how many towns in this country have RIDICULOUS names. 

It makes you wonder of the state of mind these people had 150 years ago when these kinds of decisions were being made?

The real estate website Estately just revealed the towns with the weirdest names in every state.  And for the Freak Files we are delivering our 10 favorites . . .

1.  Booger Hole, West Virginia, 2.  Satan's Kingdom, Massachusetts, 3.  Beer Bottle Crossing, Idaho, 4.  Big Bottom, Washington, 5.  Worms, South Dakota, 6.  Ding Dong, Texas, 7.  Scratch Ankle, Alabama, 8.  Smartt, Tennessee.  That's "smartt" with two t's.  9.  Frankenstein, Missouri, 10.  Little Canada, Minnesota. 

(--BTW, Mississippi’s weird city is PossumNeck, and Toad Suck, AK)