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Buzz Aldrin Got Sick at the South Pole and Had to Be Airlifted Out 

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December 2, 2016

Buzz Aldrin Got Sick at the South Pole, and Had to Be Airlifted Out 

BUZZ ALDRIN went on a trip to the SOUTH POLE this week, which seems like a cakewalk compared to walking on the moon, but he didn't go to outer space when he was 86 years old either. 

Unfortunately, Antarctica roughed him up a little.  He had to be flown OUT yesterday after having some sort of medical issue.

He went there with a group of tourists on Monday, but started feeling sick over the last few days.  Then he got worse.  Eventually, they decided to take him to a hospital, and since there aren't any in Antarctica, they had to fly him to New Zealand.

The good news is, as of last night he was in stable condition. 

(Here's a photo of him posing in front of the plane before the trip, and another one of him posing with the group.)


A Few Good Men

We have more proof that there are still some genuine, stand-up men left in the world and one of them is named CHRIS PINE!  (--He plays Captain Kirk in all the new “Star Trek” movie)

Pine was enjoying a quiet cup of coffee in Beverly Hills when he noticed a couple berating their poor waiter.  Apparently the bullies sent back food and were barking orders in a very disrespectful manner. 

That’s when Pine had enough, got fed up, walked over to the duo’s table and put them in their place!  He even went as far as suggesting they apologize to the waiter, and the meanies quickly left the java joint.


Rio Will Let Ryan Lochte Off the Hook . . . for $20K 

It's easy to forget that Brazil still has beef with RYAN LOCHTE

He was charged with falsely reporting a crime, but TMZ says he's being offered a deal to make the case go away.  The story is that the authorities in Rio will let him off the hook, IF he pays them $20,000. 

There's no comment from Ryan, so it's unclear if he's willing to do that.  Swimmer Jimmy Feigen copped a plea months ago, and he paid half that.