Cab Driver Blames Speeding On His Passenger's Flatulence (Freak Files)

February 8, 2017

Cab Driver Blames Speeding On His Passenger's Flatulence

When police officers in southern England stopped a taxi driver for speeding on Friday night, the cabbie admitted to speeding  -- but claimed it wasn’t HIS fault!

He claimed that his three passengers were passing gas and he was speeding to get them home and out of his cab as soon as possible. 

The police didn’t care about how the cab smelled, so they wrote him a ticket for $125 and gave him a summons to a “Speeding Awareness Class” that will cost $135 AND 3-days of his time.

The Police posted the whole story to the department's Facebook page, with the Hashtag #NiceTryDidntWork.


It’s Not A Tumor!

Actually, it is a tumor! 

A 57-year-old Mississippi man had to travel across the country to California in order to get a 130-pound growth removed from his gut.

ROGER LOGAN was originally told he was "just fat" --then discovered later the tumor was the result of an ingrown hair, which had probably started growing around 12 years ago.

Logan had surgery where the tumor was removed and because of that, he was able to take his first steps in years last Thursday.


A Drunk Driver Crashes Her Car, Then Tells the Cops She's Dead

Here's a quick hint:  If you're trying to pretend you're dead, it's not a good idea to say "I'm dead."

54-year-old Cheryl Morris from Alachua, Florida was driving drunk last Wednesday when she swerved off the road and crashed into a ditch.

When the cops got there, they yelled down to her and asked if she was injured.  And she responded, quote, “No, I’m dead.” 

That, of course, definitively proved she wasn't dead, and she was arrested for drunk driving and destruction of property.  Click here to see her mugshot.