Can A Dog Be Arrested For Drug Possession?

July 21, 2016

A Woman Says All the Drugs in Her Car Belong to Her Dog

This is like the degenerate grown-up version of "the dog ate my homework."

A 56-year-old woman named Anita Wymer from Fort Pierce, Florida got pulled over earlier this month for speeding, and the cops found some anxiety pills that she didn’t have a prescription for.  But she explained that they weren't HER pills . . . they were her DOG'S. 

She did admit that she took one of them, and also that she was a little drunk.  So she was arrested for illegal possession of prescription drugs. 

There's no word on whether they actually WERE her dog's pills, by the way.  We don't even know for sure if she even HAS a dog.  Click here to see her mugshot.


A Woman Stabs Her Husband in the Chest for Not Buying Her Donuts

This should go without saying, but any type of donut is ALWAYS better than no donut at all.

37-year-old Michelle Nelson sent her husband Timothy out to get donuts in New Albany, Indiana.  But the place was out of the kind she usually gets, so he came home with nothing.  Well she got so angry that she stabbed him in the chest with a BARBECUE FORK.

Timothy quickly ran for his safety, and the cops found him across the street, leaning against a tree with a blood-soaked t-shirt.

There's no word on what type of donut Michelle was expecting.  But she told police that they've been married for several years, so he should have known what her SECOND-favorite type was.

Stupid Criminals!!!  She's facing charges for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Click here to see her mugshot.


Woman Gets Stuck In Tree At Cemetery Playing Pokémon

A New Jersey woman found herself stuck in a tree in a cemetery while playing Pokémon Go on her smartphone.

East Greenwich Township Fire & Rescue had to send firefighters up a ladder to bring the woman down from the tree.

The woman wasn’t charged with anything, but police have now issued a warning to other Pokémon Go players to always make sure they are aware of their surroundings – and not to climb-up trees if they can’t climb back down.