Can You Shoot Lightning Out of Your Hands?

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January 11, 2017

Can You Shoot Lightning Out of Your Hands?

Thanks to “Star Wars” and “Rogue One”, we have this question:  Can you make yourself FREAKY enough to shoot lighting out of your hands? 

If you’ve seen the movie then you’re familiar with a few scenes where some of the characters are able to shoot lightning out of their hands.  Believe it or not, someone actually did a study on this, and it would turn out that shooting lightning out of your hand is not very realistic. 

This study concludes that you would have to consume about a TRILLION calories to have enough energy in your body to do it.  That comes to about 1.6 billion Big Macs. 

Plus if you were able to consume a TRILLION calories, or about 1.6 billion Big Macs, you’d look more like Jaba the Hutt than those hard bodies that appear in the movie. 


An Alabama Fan Punches His TV When Clemson Wins

Some guy was rooting for Alabama to win another National Championship on Monday. 

Then he lost his temper when Clemson scored their game-winning touchdown.  What do you suppose he did?  He punched his TV . . . and broke it.  Click here to see it happen.


Mom Bills Friend $400 After Three-Year-Old Scuffs Designer Shoes On Playdate

Raising kids is expensive, but how much is too much?

A 28-year old mother named Sarah Bryan lives in the U.K. and allowed her 3-year-old daughter to go on a play-date with a friend.  But, when her daughter returned from the play-date, she had scuffmarks on her $400 designer shoes – and Sarah wasn’t going to take that!

She immediately called a lawyer and sent her friend a bill for $400 to replace the scuffed-up shoes.

Her friend responded saying that it’s not her fault the shoes were scuffed, because, “That’s how kids play.” She is refusing to pay Sarah.

By the way, don’t worry about Sarah’s daughter.  The 3-year old has over 60 pairs of designer shoes.