Canadian Thief Steals $120,000 Worth Of Hockey Sticks

October 20, 2016

Canadian Thief Steals $120,000 Worth Of Hockey Sticks

This Canadian thief reaaally wanted to steal some hockey sticks!

Police say that 400 high-end hockey sticks (worth $120,000 – American) were stolen from a Montreal store called L'Experience Monkey Sports.

But the thief didn’t break-in the traditional way.  No, the thief actually cut a hole in the ceiling, threw down a rope and rappelled into the store.  Police aren’t sure how he managed to get the 400 hockey sticks back UP through the ceiling, but he did – and he got away with it!

Investigators believe that the thief might be a store employee, and police are investigating the incident.


A Freaky Divorce

Local media in the United Arab Emirates is reporting that a man divorced his wife the day after their wedding after seeing her for the first time without makeup.

The couple was on their honeymoon and the wife hit the beach, enjoying the sun, sand and surf. When she came out of the water, her husband realized that her makeup had washed off, leaving her au natural.

He realized that she not only wore a ton of makeup, she wore false eyelashes, colored contact lenses and had cosmetic surgery.  He said he filed for divorce because he felt deceived by her artificial beauty.


Wanna Tip?  Don’t Smoke In Bed

A South Carolina waitress says she was "humiliated" when a pair of customers left a note instead of a tip.

RENEE, a server at Cracker Barrel in Greenville says she waited on a couple in their mid-fifties recently.  According to Renee, the couple seemed happy with the food and even thanked her for the "excellent service."  But, instead of leaving cash, they left a "tip" in the form of a handwritten letter.

The letter says things like: "The woman's place is in the home" and "While you're in here 'working' this is the reason your husband must see another woman." As if that's not enough, the note goes on to suggest, "How's about going home and cleaning your house."

Renee says she was "heartbroken" by the letter written by the two strangers.  Renee adds that she's never been married and that she works hard to pay for her education.