The Car Version of “Snakes On A Plane” (Freak Files)

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March 22, 2017

The Car Version of “Snakes On A Plane”

A Florida woman almost crashed her car, thanks to an uninvited passenger.

MONICA DORSETT and her husband were cruising down the highway in Venice when a red rat snake slithered out of the air conditioner vent.  The serpent headed straight for the steering wheel --and her hands.

That's when she veered across two lanes of traffic, coming to a sudden stop in a nearby parking lot. Monica's husband opened the door then slammed it on the snake as it tried to crawl out. They opened the door again and the serpent fell to the ground.

Monica says her hubby "euthanized" the slimy invader. No humans were injured.


A Woman Uses the Spoon Attached to a Store's Bathroom Key to Cook Heroin

You know how sometimes when you use the bathroom key at a store or a restaurant, they attach it to something to keep it from getting lost? 

This store did that.  29-year-old Amber Bueker from North Lawrence, New York went to a convenience store on Monday and asked to use their bathroom. 

They gave her the key, which was attached to a big spoon.  And while she was in the bathroom, she used that spoon . . . to cook HEROIN.

Once she was done, she returned the bathroom key, and the employees noticed the spoon was burnt. They called the cops, and Amber was arrested for drug possession. 

Stupid Criminals!!!!


Stupid People Doing Really Stupid Things

Would you wrestle a crocodile to impress your girlfriend?

That’s what backpacker LEE DE PAAUW did.  De Paauw jumped into a river and punched a crocodile.  De Paauw admits he was trying to show off for his girlfriend, saying, "She's beautiful, caring and kind."

Once he entered the river, the wrestling match "happened pretty fast" with the crocodile lunging for him and De Paauw punching it "in the snout." Girlfriend --and witness-- SOPHIE PATTERSON says, quote, "There was a lot of blood.  A lot of bone.  It was just pretty horrendous."

In case you're wondering, none of the blood and bone came from the croc.  De Paauw survived but ended up in the hospital with severe injuries to his arm.