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Carrie Fisher And Harrison Ford Had An Affair During "Star Wars!"

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November 16, 2016

Carrie Fisher Had an "Intense" Affair with Harrison Ford While Making of "Star Wars" 

It's finally settled:  Han Solo and Princess Leia were real, in real life!!!!

CARRIE FISHER has a new book coming out called "The Princess Diarist", where she admits that she had a three-month affair with HARRISON FORD during the making of "Star Wars".

It all started with a night of drinking.  (Don’t they all?)  Harrison drove her home, and they ended up….you know….

She was 19, he was 33.  He was married at the time to the first of his three wives, Mary Marquardt.


Tony Romo Got Emotional After Losing His Starting Job 

Drama for the Dallas Cowboys fans!!

The Dallas Cowboys suffered a big blow earlier this season when TONY ROMO got injured and they were forced to start rookie quarterback DAK PRESCOTT.

But Dak has been great, and has led the team to an 8-and-1 start.  So naturally, there was a lot of talk about whether Romo would even get to start when he healed up.

Well, yesterday, the Cowboys announced that Prescott would continue starting and while Romo DOES want the job, he's agreed to sit.

In a press conference yesterday, Romo got emotional but conceded that Prescott had, quote, "earned the right to be our quarterback."


New Kids On The Block Announce New Tour With Paula Abdul and Boyz II Men

A new concert tour was announced yesterday and everybody is calling it “The Total Package Tour” because it includes The New Kids On The Block with Boyz II Men and Paula Abdul!

The tour kicks off on May 12th in Columbus, Ohio.  The closest it will get to us is Nashville, where they will perform on May 17th.