Casino Gets Hacked Because Of Their Fishtank

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July 25, 2017

A Casino Got Hacked Through Its Internet-Connected Fish Tank

  It's cool to have a bunch of "smart" products in your house like a smart TV, smart thermostat, smart fridge, smart EVERYTHING. 

But unless you have the advanced tech skills to keep them secure, they can really mess up your life!  According to a cyber security firm, a casino just got hacked through their smart FISH TANK.  This smart fish tank was somewhere in North America and it was connected to the Internet to automatically regulate the temperature and feed the fish.

But apparently, a group of hackers from Finland figured out that it wasn't secured, so they hacked into it, and used the info they found to spot other vulnerable areas in the casino's network that could get them REAL access to things like the vault, or bank account info.

The security firm figured out what was going on before the hackers could get to that second step though, and cut them off with just their intimate knowledge of the fish tank.

So keep this in mind, I guess, as you buy your next smart coffee pot or smart foot massager, because if someone REALLY wants to hack you, those could be a gateway.


A Guy Ordered Jimmy John's to His Car When It Broke Down and Blocked Traffic

Earlier this month, a guy was driving on Interstate 35W in Minnesota when his car stalled out. 

He was blocking a full lane and causing a traffic backup behind him.  But apparently, getting his car out of the way wasn't his first priority.  No . . . he was hungry.

Because when a state trooper got to the car, he arrived at the same time as a Jimmy John's delivery guy.  Yep, the guy ordered a sandwich to be delivered to his broken down car.

The trooper helped the guy get his car off the road and into a parking lot, and it turned out the guy was driving with a suspended license, so he got a ticket.  But, as far as we can tell, he ALSO got his sandwich! 


Check Your Art Work!

Good thing no one got sick of the painting.

MARTIN KOBER had a painting over his living room mantel for years.  It was sent to America in 1883 by a German baroness, which happened to be Kober's great, great, grandfather.

The picture was of a dying Jesus.  It was in good shape, once knocked down by a tennis ball and even stored behind the couch for a couple of years.

Turns out it's an original "lost" MICHELANGELO worth about $325 million dollars.

Click here to see the painting.