Casper Smart Bought Jennifer Lopez Flowers with Her Own Money 

September 9, 2016

Casper Smart Bought Jennifer Lopez Flowers with Her Own Money 

CASPER SMART recently tried to get back on JENNIFER LOPEZ's good side by sending her two dozen pink roses.

He called up her favorite florist and made a custom order.  The bill came to $525.  Which seems like a lot for flowers.   But fortunately, Casper wasn't footing the bill.  And that's the problem.

"Life and Style" magazine says J. Lo's manager called him and yelled at him because he'd charged the flowers to HER account.  It's unclear if it was an oversight because the florist had her account on file, or if he's REALLY that financially dependent on her, or that stupid.


Kanye West's Fashion Show Is Called 'Total Disaster' By Critics

Kanye West is also a popular fashion designer.

And that means he had a huge show during “New York Fashion Week” on Wednesday….and it was a total disaster.

First of all, it was an extremely hot day in New York City & Kanye’s fashion show was held outdoors. 

That wouldn’t be THAT big of a deal – but his show didn’t start on time and attendees ended up waiting HOURS (in the sun and humidity) for it to begin.

Behind the scenes, models were fainting and suffering from heat-exhaustion.  Once the show finally kicked off, the models looked withered and struggled to walk in their high heels, stumbling on the slick runway.

The New York Post dubbed it "a total disaster," while Billboard said it was a "hot mess."


Bruce Springsteen Breaks His Record For Longest Concert In The USA (Again)

When you go to a concert, you probably think you get your money’s worth if the band plays for about 2 hours – but for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band 2 hours is chump change.

On Wednesday the band played the longest USA concert of their career at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, turning in a performance that was 4-hours and 4-minutes long!

But Wednesday’s marathon concert still isn’t Springsteen’s longest concert on record — that honor would go to a 2012 show in Helsinki, Finland, which clocked in at 4 hours and 6 minutes.